Formula One and Moto GP

With the semester winding down projects have finally been getting more attention. One of the projects that I’ve started to assemble a team for is a reverse leaning electric trike. The idea is to build an electric trike that looks like the slick offspring of Formula One and Moto GP. The inspiration for the build came from looking into unique ways to get around campus, which eventually evolved into a full fledged vehicle. The project is in the concept phase, and we are beginning to define our goals. My hope for the project is to take it far enough to get others interested in building similar vehicles. One of the great aspects of competitive racing is the drive to develop new and better technology to give you the edge over the other guy. To create a new format for racing, one that is centered around electric vehicles but that could draw fans from Moto GP and Formula One, could potentially generate some really powerful technological developments in the EV world. Once you begin to look into ways to optimize performance, batteries, regenerative techniques, and motor designs get reanalyzed and redesigned. The team is small and we are looking for more contributors. Below are some initial sketches and ideas for the trike.

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