MITI Card Case

Most card magicians swear by their card clips and few would disagree that the Porper clip is the industry standard. The members at the MIT Illusionists club have been discussing developing custom equipment and new techniques to contribute to the field of magic, and I felt that the card clip would be a fun place to start. The goal is just to create a custom card case that is unique to the members of MITI, and in the process play around with the design and production process. So far only I have defined the criteria for the design, but that will be opened up to the other members by the end of the week. I wanted to create a card case, not a clip, that enclosed the entire deck and offered full protection. My design is Apple inspired in that the main component of the case is milled from a solid piece of 3/4″ aluminum. The top flips up to reveal the deck inside. Below are some renderings of the case. I’ve already made a prototype and have changes that I want to make to the design, mainly making the walls thinner and finalizing the hinge. More to come.

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  1. Isaac says:

    yay, I finally subscribed to your feed!

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