Pepakura: Jigsaw Puzzle Origami

I am home for break and was itching to build something and stumbled upon Pepakura. Pepakura is a program that takes 3D models and unfolds the model to 2D pieces. These pieces are then printed, cut, folded, and assembled. The paper model can be intricate and is often reinforced with fiberglass before being painted. I decided to give Pep a try and am working away on an Iron Man helmet. The build has been going well so far and I’m working on a tutorial to go along with the pictures. Looking through other online tutorials I noticed that many of them lacked detail and instruction on finishing the piece, something that I have experience with through my modding and airbrushing. My tutorial will focus on this aspect of the build. Enjoy the pictures.

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One Response to Pepakura: Jigsaw Puzzle Origami

  1. sergio says:

    can you give me the website where you found the file please?

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