Bioluminescent Algae

I’ve been loading up on project ideas over the past couple weeks in preparation for January when I won’t have any classes. One of the things I stumbled upon in my search for lighting projects was bioluminescent algae. When the water is disturbed the algae react and flash blue light. Researchers believe this is a defense mechanism that is intended to light up their attacker, making it susceptible to attack from other predators. Maintaining your own algae stock seems to fairly straightforward and is outlined on Instructables here. The plan is to set up a series of erlenmeyer flasks and try to raise some. More to come.

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One Response to Bioluminescent Algae

  1. Jacob Cole says:

    A Luke, it’s Jacob Cole (remember me from miters and ADP?)!
    I’ve actually done this before, and it’s really really cool. The ocean near my house had a red tide, and the foam would glow green as it crashed, and I simply grabbed some ocean water hey fantastic, put it in a bottle, and added various random substances I just were nutritive. Whenever I shook the bottle, it would glow! What I really want to do is put some in a supersoaker and have a battle in the dark. 😀
    what else could we do it this…

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